Dumb animals

ByKausar Fatima

Works in an international audit firm and writes for magazines


January 14, 2023

Dumb animals

Kausar Fatima describes some interesting creatures

Dumbness cannot be measured but it is equally present in all creatures. Though the intelligence is found in many animals but some of them are really dumb. It is widely recognised that animals have an average short-term memory span of about 27 seconds but some have lesser than that. It is interesting to observe the dumb animals once it is known that they are dumb because they are a treat to watch.

Though the average short-term memory span of most animals is 27 seconds but the hamsters finish last on that list. That said, a bit of training can help them remember their names and owners as this information is stored in their long-term memories.

Domestic Turkey
Not only is Turkey the favourite item of the plates of people celebrating Christmas but it is also known for lack of intelligence. Moreover, turkeys are extremely fearful birds that freeze in the face of danger. They can, however, be very friendly and develop relationships with humans.

It is amazing to analyse the evolution of Giraffe. Its long neck, used to reach high-growing, very nutritious leaves is actually a handicap when eating food and drinking water at ground level. In fact, giraffes must assume a splayed position, making them highly vulnerable to predators. That said, they tend to feed during the hot periods of the day when lions and hyenas are sleeping.

This magnificent green and yellow bird is the only member of the parrot family that cannot fly. This was not necessarily a problem when it had no predators. In fact, kakapos freeze when threatened, perhaps in hopes of remaining unseen. Unfortunately, humans have since introduced non-indigenous species and this bird has fallen victim to its own debonair attitude.

Ostrich is not only famous for the dumb act of its tendency to bury its head in the sand at any sign of danger but these creatures have one of the smallest brains for their size. In fact, their eyes, equal in size to billiard balls are twenty times heavier than their brains. Then again, their habitat calls for good eyes more than big brains.

With the smallest brain-to-weight ratio of all mammals, the koala is often considered one of the stupidest animals. Indeed, its brain seems to function in slow motion, as if in power-saving mode. Nevertheless, studies have shown that such strict energy expenditure could be an evolutionary advantage, given the koala’s basic diet of low-calorie eucalyptus leaves.

While pandas may be one of most adorable animals both on this list and in the entire animal kingdom, they do not exactly shine when it comes to smarts. Difficulty mating in captivity and the females’ frequent inability to correctly care for their young easily earn them a spot on this list. TW


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