Down to earth romantic movies



May 13, 2023

Down To Earth Romantic Movies

Nida Faraz looks at some highly realistic
romantic situations

Down To Earth Romantic Movies – It is often noted that falling in love is an extremely alluring prospect but the journey involved in it could sometimes be very tricky. Movies often sell us on an idealised version of love. Romance also brings about challenges that are faced by the people involved but is often overlooked by the romantic euphoria. It is taking this fact in view some movie producers made movies cutting out all the fantasies of romance and presenting the situation with all its trimmings so as to bring to fore all realistic trials and tribulations of falling in love and maintaining relationships. Such efforts have been widely lauded and movies based on this perception have been universally acclaimed.
Annie Hall (1977)
When Alvy meets Annie Hall, his life seems complete. A short-lived romance between the two is cut short when Annie moves to California to pursue her career. Stunned, much of the film follows Alvy’s torment and scorn by her decision and various unsuccessful attempts to get her back.
Casablanca (1942)
Rick Blaine is the owner of a chic restaurant and gambling den in Casablanca when a long-lost love walks into his bar. As fate would have it, after declaring their love for each other once more, they are torn apart again by the tyranny of war.
Before Sunrise (1995)
This 1995 drama follows a young American man and a French woman meeting on a train. Disembarking in Vienna, they walk the streets together and grow closer as the film progresses. Their relationship, however, is torn apart before the morning, as they must go their separate ways.
Blue Valentine (2010)
The screenplay heartbreakingly invites us into the courtship of a young couple, Dean and Cynthia. Shifting back and forth between beautiful scenes of young love and infatuation and their inevitable future state of disillusion with their lives and marriage, makes one’s heart sink.
Silver Linings Playbook (2012)
Far from your typical romantic movie, two troubled characters played by Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence meet. With his bipolar disorder and her painful existence as a widow, their interactions and behaviour can be painful to watch.
A Star Is Born (2018)
This box-office smash, featuring Lady Gaga, invites us into the glamorous world of a couple falling for each other while surrounded by fame, money and rock and roll. They have everything but the pressures of the fast life force their relationship to a crashing halt.
Remember Me (2010)
No matter what your definition of realistic is, this one is sure to drag you down to earth to face the realities of life. Suicide, murder, loss and family turmoil surround the romance of a young couple. The Weekender

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