Delicious sandwiches



May 22, 2022

Delicious sandwiches

Izay Ayesha looks at some mouth-watering food

Delicious sandwiches are convenient to make and eat and this is precisely the reason for their immense popularity. As they are popular, they are equally varied in content and taste. Delicious sandwiches are globally eatable and are prepared according to local custom but the principle remains the same making sandwich a unique combination of delicacies. Some of them, however, are rather simple but some are very elaborately prepared and presented. Their fillings also vary from place to place and some contain exotic items of food. Sandwich is also rated as a street food and is in great demand.
Shawarma, Lebanon
People are widely aware of shawarma as it is universally popular. In this typical sandwich one can get huge pieces of meat; lamb, beef, or chicken, roasted on a vertical spit before being sliced straight onto flatbread and topped with vegetables and sauces. This typical Middle Eastern dish is now a street-food staple and has been adapted to suit a variety of national palettes.
Panino, Italy
People are more familiar with the word panini which is actually the plural form of the word panino but no matter what it is called it, this grilled Italian sandwich is a hit across the board. The classic version contains mortadella and cheese, pressed and toasted between two slices of bread until the inside is hot and the cheese is runny.
Fischbrötchen, Germany
Transport yourself to northern Germany with just a sandwich. Simply fill a brioche bun with a fish filet (herring, mackerel, or sardine), onions, and pickles. Try adding tartar sauce and horseradish for even more flavour.
Fricasseé, Tunisia
This salted and fried brioche bun from Tunisia is filled with tuna, eggs, potatoes, and olives. While these are the classic fillings and one would not be surprised to know that everyone has their own version!
Gyros, Greece
The Greek version of the Turkish doner kebab and the Arab shawarma, the gyro is made of roasted meat (chicken, lamb, or beef), tomatoes, onions, and tzatziki sauce, all rolled up in a warm pita bread.
Pambazo, Mexico
This soft, crust less bread, stuffed with a mixture of chorizo, potatoes, cream, and fresh cheese, is perfect for soaking up the delicious guajillo chili sauce. Each bite is an explosion of exciting and sometimes unexpected flavours.
Roti John, Malaysia
This typical Malaysian street food sandwich consists of a meat and cheese omelette stuffed into a baguette and generously topped with ketchup, mayonnaise and chili sauce. TW

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