Cute animals

ByIzay Ayesha



August 6, 2023

Cute animals

Izay Ayesha looks at some adorable creatures

Animals are usually attractive but some of them are cute animals. Their cuteness lies in their appearance, demenour and simplicity. They are not only cute but are also elegant to a high degree. Their existence appears to come from some other planet and they almost look unreal. Looking at these pretty things is energetic to many people and their fascination knows no bounds.

The moment one sets eyes on Koala an immediate urge to hug them emerges. This cute creature inhabiting Australia sleeps on average between 18 and 20 hours a day, perched on its tree branch. It is extremely adorable to watch it sleeping without any worry.

With its big ears and its very small head the face of a rabbit really makes people excited. One feels like adopting one the moment it comes into view.

The hedgehog is one of the cutest beings that exist on planet Earth. Very interestingly their baby is called a cutie: an endearingly appropriate name and very true in content.

Polar bear
To keep on looking at the collection of far too cute animals here is a very young polar bear, which also looks like a big white stuffed animal. But look out, polar bears are among the most dangerous animals in the world!

With its fluffy and soft tail – just as long as its body – and its small ears and big black eyes, the red squirrel is one of the most adorable animals on the planet.

Deer fawn
The fawn is the young of the stag and the doe. This is an extremely cute creature and its docility is very adorable and universally popular.

Sea otter
The sea otter is a fascinating animal that can be observed floating in the North Pacific, near the Asian and American coasts. The fur of its young is so dense that they cannot dive until adulthood. Until then, they can only float. Sea otters sometimes hold each other’s paws while they sleep to avoid drifting apart.

The chipmunk is a kind of small striped squirrel. He is also called ‘small Swiss’ because of the similarity of its coat with the striped costumes of the Swiss guards of the Vatican.

Harp seal
It is impossible not to fall in love with front of this adorable ball of fur. The harp seal is an animal with a white and fluffy coat, living on ice in the Canadian Arctic and in Greenland. The Weekender


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