Curious Queries

ByKausar Fatima

Works in an international audit firm and writes for magazines


April 1, 2023

Curious Queries

Kausar Fatima describes some interesting facts Curious Queries

Human beings are Curious Queries by nature and it is due to their curiosity that they have evolved into rational creatures. They become curious about anything they feel is hidden, uncertain and unpredictable. They try to find out that how many hours do cats sleep and what is the coldest place on the planet. They try to find out answer to such curious queries and come out with interesting answers.
Pepsi Red Army

In 1989, the Soviet Union gave Pepsi 17 submarines, a cruiser, a frigate, and a destroyer. At the height of the Cold War, in 1972, Pepsi managed to market its product in the USSR after years of negotiations. But in 1989, the Soviet system collapsed and Pepsi received military equipment in exchange for its sales in the USSR. According to legend this made Pepsi the sixth largest military fleet in the world.

The very expensive scene that changed everything
The Wachowski sisters asked for $80 million to make ‘The Matrix,’ but Warner only gave them $10 million, and that’s what they spent on the opening scene. When they showed the opening scene, the studio was convinced it was worth spending the millions.

A very special dedication
Gene Cernan, one of the members of Apollo 17, inscribed the initials TDC on the surface of the Moon. These are the initials of his daughter and everything suggests that they will remain written on the moon for several thousand years.

Ultra muscular
The muscles in human eyes move a lot more than one can think and that is about 100,000 times a day. In comparison, the leg muscles would have to walk about 80 kilometers per day to do the same exercise.

Little but strong
Despite what it may seem, the little finger is fundamental to the hand as a whole. Without it, the hand would lose 50% of its strength.

Purple carrots
It is estimated that the carrot appeared around 3000 BC in Afghanistan. What is curious is that at the time, they were purple on the outside and yellow on the inside. The first orange carrot was produced artificially in Holland in the 16th century to match the color of the Dutch royal house.

The coldest point on the planet
The coldest place on the planet is Antarctica. In winter, temperatures can drop to -73° C. It also has 70% of the Earth’s fresh water and almost 90% of its ice. TW


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