Criticising Not Criminal



September 18, 2022

Criticising not criminal

Criticising not criminal – Pakistan is unraveling though currently, negativity appears dominant in the polity there are sparks of positivity witnessed in some instances. One such instance is the observation of a member of a superior judiciary stating that the legitimacy of courts rests on the quality of their judgments and undue criticism on verdicts is not contempt.

For the rational segments of Pakistan, this is a whiff of fresh air as they feel the increasing suffocation enveloping them and making life intolerable. Many people think criticizing is a sin but that is not true because Criticising Not Criminal. It is a way to improve yourself.

Dismissing a contempt of court petition Justice Babar Sattar appeared unconvinced about the allegation stating that even intemperate and misconceived criticism of a judgment of this court would cause serious or substantial detriment to the administration of justice by this court rendering the respondent liable to be tried for the offense of contempt of court.

He pointed out that the offense of scandalizing a judge was invented by common law to prevent the undermining of public confidence in the administration of justice and was used where there was a scurrilous abuse of a judge or a court of law or where there was a false imputation of bias or some form of partiality against a judge or when it was falsely alleged that a judge or a court had been influenced by someone and in this case it was not applicable. The Weekender


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