Countries to live longer in

ByElsa Sc S

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December 17, 2022

Countries to live longer in

Elsa Sc S describes countries with longer life expectancy

Human beings have a yearning for Countries to live longer in this world and they are naturally afraid to depart and lose their existence. The urge to live longer has compelled the human race to devise methods to attain its longing. People live notably longer in some parts of the world and it is suggested that diet, climate, social class, and overall happiness play a significant role in boosting lifespan.

While Japan has been at the top of the life expectancy list for several years but many other countries are fast catching-up. It is suggested that Spain may overtake Japan’s life expectancy by 2040. The life expectancy factors are related to sustainable development goals to determine life spans in each country. While no countries on this list have reached super-centenarian status in terms of life expectancy, many nations seem to be getting closer to seeing more of their citizens live to 100 years old.

Japan with a population of 127.76 million has a life expectancy: 84.2 years. The Japanese diet, rich in seafood, may explain the longevity of the Japanese people and in 2017 there were over 2 million people over the age of 90 living in Japan. The country is one of the top spenders on public health covering nearly everyone within its borders with universal healthcare. Cultural norms dictate children caring for their parents later in life, allowing Japan’s elderly to grow old with less stress and adding years to their lives.

Switzerland’s population is 8.38 million and its life expectancy is 83.3 years. Switzerland’s health-care system is one of the best in the world. Also, the country has created a society that ranks in the top for health conscious people. Living longer among the Alps comes with its benefits, as Switzerland routinely ranks among the world’s happiest countries.

Spain’s life expectancy: 83.1 years with a population of 46.63 million. Along with a Mediterranean diet, based on fish and olive oil and a mild climate, strong welfare policies and social cohesion assure the elderly are cared for properly. As for the youth, concerted efforts to curb childhood obesity are being taken to ensure the country remains one of the best for life expectancy.

Singapore has a life expectancy of 82.9 years with a population 5.65 million. The detection and close monitoring of chronic diseases may be why Singapore citizens are living longer. Additionally, advances in cancer treatment and prevention have Singapore residents seeing almost 83 years old. Furthermore, Singaporeans are encouraged to limit alcohol, maintain both a healthy diet and weight, and manage stress to live longer.

Australia has a life expectancy of 82.9 years and a population: 24.26 million. From the 1970s to the 1990s, Aussies saw longer life due to several factors, including government measures to promote smoking cessation campaigns and healthier diets. Also, advances in medicine slowed premature deaths because of cardiovascular disease. However, Aussies run the risk of losing their long-term life expectancy ranking if they do not better control obesity, motor vehicle deaths, and suicide rates. TW


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