May 15, 2022


Pakistani people are witnessing a spate of revisionist history in its typical convoluted form. Two characters from medieval India are dug out to strengthen a faultily based populist narrative. Geography and timeframe are ignored completely as Mir Jafar existed in 1750-60s in Bengal and Mir Sadiq in 1790s hundreds of miles away in Mysore. Anyway reasonable allowance could be given for the sake of condemning the despicable perfidy of insiders. But true to his track record the jilted former PM has deliberatively hidden the fact that Mir Jafar was not alone in betraying Siraj-ud- Daula as there were two more characters in cahoots with him. Mir Miran was Mir Jafar’s son who was responsible for getting Siraj-ud-Daula killed. He met a terrible fate three years to the day he ordered slaying of Siraj-ud-Daula as he was struck dead in his tent by lightning. The more effective character in the entire drama was Mir Jafar’s son-in-law who intrigued against him and accepted to become nawab in his stead with alacrity. Do you seriously want to know the name of this double-agent who also faced ignominious end? No, you won’t! (His name was Mir Qasim and the great khan wouldn’t dare to name him as Qasim is his younger son) TW


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