Confusing images

ByElsa Sc S

Doing her graduation from LUMS & a keen researcher


September 8, 2022

Elsa Sc S looks at some unusual images

There are certain images that dumbfound human perception as what is seen in them is not what actually exists there. Human images and their presentation contain in them plenty of potential to be misconceived and they become something totally different than they really are. It is the vast flexibility of the eye of the camera that it gives another look to images and looking at them will never convey the right impression.

Maria Doglores
Maria Doglores is the kind of image that could not convey the purpose one has in mind when looked at. Just see for yourself.

Wardrobe malfunction?
Don’t take it wrong as it is indeed amazing and mind-boggling. Look again

Sometimes the stars align
Sometimes everything fits, everything lines up, and everything is perfect and whenever this happens, there is someone with a cell phone to immortalise it. Sometimes, the photographer is an eagle.

Treacherous or flattering?
Those legs are stunning but are they? This is an amazing image that defies understanding and is therefore fascinating.

Are you sure you see a woman in the photo?
Look again! You may not be seeing what actually there is.

What kind of witchcraft is this?
This defies common sense and may take time to decipher

How do you see it, James Bond?
This is an amazing trick played by the often surprising camera.

The beauty of nature
Hey! This is how horses come in this world, do you agree? TW


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