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September 16, 2022

In an intriguing incident, a man attempted to shoot Argentine Vice President Cristina Kirchner near her home in Buenos Aires a shocking incident that prompted a wave of sympathy from Latin American leaders. Video of the incident went viral that showed the man pointing a handgun at Kirchner’s head at close range. The incident took place in Buenos Aires’ upscale Recoleta neighbourhood. It was reported that a suspect had been arrested but investigators still needed to examine the crime scene and circumstances surrounding the incident. Local media reported that the suspect was a 35-year-old Brazilian national. President Fernandez declared Friday a public holiday to allow people to express themselves in defense of the life of democracy and in solidarity with the vice president. He added that this is the most serious event that has happened since democracy was restored in Argentina in 1983. Several well-known Latin American politicians voiced support for Kirchner, 69, after the failed attack. Kirchner, a lawyer by training who succeeded her late husband, Nestor Kirchner, as president, stands accused of fraudulently awarding public works contracts with hundreds of activists have gathered in recent days in front of her home to protest the claims. She is president of the country’s Senate and enjoys parliamentary immunity, granting her some legal protection. TW


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