Climate Restoration



October 2, 2022

Climate Restoration – The book approaches its them systematically and is an interesting narrative gambit inviting readers to imagine the future of Earth under what current-day climate specialists routinely refer to as the best-case scenario: Humanity comes together to bring the world’s net carbon emissions to zero by 2050.

The author points out that this would still result in a nightmare world of barren and menacingly rising oceans and many millions of climate refugees fleeing their native countries—because even if carbon-zero initiatives succeed, they will only halt carbon emissions at what are already historically high, lethal levels.

“Will humanity long survive on a planet where the climate patterns that all living things have relied on for 12,000 years have been permanently changed; where the last of the large fish and wild animals are on a path to extinction; and where human activity has taken over nearly all the land needed for diverse ecosystems?”

Regardless of whether such survival is possible, the author has an alternate solution: replace climate action with climate restoration which has as its goal the reduction of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere to preindustrial levels. The author discusses tactics like using marine permaculture (vast seaweed farms), shunting CO2 to the infinite sink of the oceans, and something he calls enhanced atmospheric methane oxidation, which would involve “dispersing a very fine mist (aerosol) of iron chloride into the lower atmosphere to augment what forms naturally over the ocean.

The author covers fundamental issues involved in climate health, including global overpopulation, and in all cases, he matches his remediation suggestions with practical strategies for implementation. That last point underscores how effective and galvanizing this book is: he is not suggesting idle, unworkable fairy tales of restoring ecological balance. In brisk chapters supported by wide-ranging research, this work details not only the theoretical validity of the steps proposed, but also their workability. The Weekender


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