Causes of tiredness

ByIzay Ayesha



October 10, 2022

Izay Ayesha describes a common complaint

People often complain about tiredness and these complaints keep on increasing in volume. The complaints are increasing about lack of sleep and it is often observed that this problem is not an occasional difficulty but is symptomatic of a deeper difficulty. This discomfort usually spreads to other aspects of life and one notices a lack of concentration on work and realizes that it is linked to the lack of sleep. This situation brings to the fore a general state of tiredness and there are many reasons for it. It is not advisable to ignore the signs and one is required to go deep and find out the reasons for this state of discomfort. There are many causes for this malaise and it is important to go into them with a view to addressing them. And here is a list of Causes of tiredness.

High-stress levels

A lot of stress or worry can hurt the duration and quality of sleep, which in turn can harm one’s physical and mental health. Stress can cause the autonomic nervous system to pump out hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol. These raise the heart rate to circulate blood to vital organs and muscles more efficiently, preparing one’s body to take immediate action in a kind of fight-or-flight response. While this kind of preparedness is great if one is threatened by predators in the jungle, it can be overkill for a regular sleep routine.

Chronic depression

One of the common ways to tell if one is depressed is that one sign of it is insomnia or the inability to sleep. On the flip side, another sign of depression can be sleeping too much. Lack of sleep because of another medical condition, such as narcolepsy, can deepen the depression. If one is not able to get a proper night’s sleep over a long period of time, it is often a telling sign that one should find a treatment for depression.

Consistent overwork

It is widely acknowledged that people are nowadays working more and sleeping less. Not only does the sheer number of hours people work, burning the candle at both ends, interfere with the number of hours of sleep but the stress of work can also keep people up. That means, the next day when one is trying to pay attention in a Zoom meeting, one is fighting to keep eyes open. So it becomes a vicious, repeating cycle.

Tough exercise

Exercise is proven to make people healthy and helps them sleep. But if the workout becomes intensive then it can boost heart rate, body temperature, and adrenaline levels, which in turn can lead to bad sleep and make people groggy the next day. It may also make it harder to train again. It is imperative that exercise workouts are laid out to suit one’s requirements and one should not prioritize excessive workouts over a healthy sleep routine.

Avoiding drinking water

It is now an acknowledged fact that not drinking enough water or taking in healthy fluids is one of the foremost causes of fatigue, lethargy, and tiredness. Dehydration can cause low blood pressure causing mood and energy levels to plunge. But if one drinks enough fluids, then one may feel bright and energized.

Sleeping more than required

Not only does getting too little sleep make one tired but also getting it too much can cause problems. It appears that any significant deviation from normal sleep patterns can upset the body’s rhythms and increase daytime fatigue. The best solution is to figure out how many hours of sleep are right and then stick with it—even on weekends, vacations, and holidays and it is one of the major causes of tiredness.

Mostly sitting

Many people in modern society are not active enough, caught up in sedentary lifestyles working at desks and spending too much time on screens. They then have trouble sleeping at night, which in turn makes them more fatigued during the day, reinforcing their sedentary lifestyles. Maintaining good levels of activity helps one stay healthier mentally and physically, and may ensure one gets better sleep. The Weekender


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