Blooming flowers

ByLt Col S. Hassan Ahmed

(Retired) is a social activist


January 28, 2023

Blooming flowers

Col Hasan mentions some very lovely flowers

There are numerous plants that produce beautiful, blooming flowers in the winter season. Though the flowers mentioned here bloom in winter but some plants bloom as early as January and February and continue through to March and in to May. These flowers are exceptionally alluring and soothe human sensibilities. This is the time to start planting them and nurturing them carefully.

Lungwort blooms from mid-March to mid-July. Though a rather unlikely name for a lovely plant, the lungwort’s leaves are green with white spots. Resulting flowers are pink, blue, or white. After planting, lungwort is known for being resilient and easy to care for.

Virginia Bluebells are related to forget-me-nots, comfrey, and the aforementioned lungwort. It is no surprise that these beautiful flowers are bell-shaped, with bright blue or purple-ish petals. They thrive in the woodlands and are extremely pleasant.

Bloodroot has flowers with lovely, white petals. However, its stem is what is most famous because of its wide-ranging medical uses: bloodroot has been used to induce vomiting and for emptying bowels. It is also been used to reduce dental pain, treat sore throats and ease aching muscles, among other things.
Fetterbush has thick, green leaves and small, drooping flowers, which vary in shade from white to dark pink. They are easy to care for but gardeners beware as he leaves and nectar are toxic to humans and other animals.

Trillium belongs to the lily family. These plants have a fascinating flower with three distinct white or red petals. Trillium has also been taken as an oral herb to ease the pain of childbirth, among other things.
Bleeding Heart bloom from Mach to October and they are related to poppies. These plants are stunners: Bleeding heart flowers bloom along the plant’s stems and look like tiny hearts with seed pods hanging down. Though beautiful, its name is properly ominous as the plant is toxic to humans.

Thunberg’s Meadowsweet blooms between late March to mid-April and it is native to China and Japan., The Thunberg’s meadowsweet shrub has little white flowers starting in late March. The tannins in meadowsweet make it useful for treating colds, upset stomachs, heartburn, gout, and more.

Columbine blooms between March and mid-June. It is beloved for its bell-shaped flowers which come in a variety of colours and can even have two alternating colors on the same flower. As part of the flower looks like talons, the name of this plant comes from the Latin word for “eagle.” The plant was once used as a curative for headaches, sore throats and heart issues.

Lilac bloom period is late March to mid-May Lilacs come in seven colours but most know the common purple variety. Their fragrant flowers tend to bloom for about two weeks. They do well in hardiness zones and attract colourful butterflies.
Violet’s bloom period is late Mar

ch to mid-October. Violets are not always blue. The approximately 500 varieties of violets include plants with yellow, white and purple, among other colors. Once a symbol of love and fertility for the ancient Greeks, blue violets are grown today all around the globe. TW


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