September 8, 2022

Instead of contesting long-drawn litigation, obtaining favourable judicial decision but then getting bogged down in failing to decide how to demolish illegally constructed buildings, Indian authorities demolished two illegally constructed skyscrapers in a jiffy that disappeared in a wide plume of dust. The decisive action against Noida Towers, the illegal construction, had the desired effect on vast crowds who cheered and clapped. Over 3,700 kilogrammes of explosives were used that were strategically placed to ensure minimal damage to the area. Some buildings in the vicinity were covered in white plastic sheets to protect them from debris. People said that the decision to blow up the towers was a strict action against corruption and would serve as an example and warning for builders and construction companies. Encroachment and subsequent illegal construction of buildings are rampant in the developing world with the collusion of the concerned authorities completely distorting town planning and choking utility services. Such activity also contributes to blocking vital culverts considered essential for flow of sewerage water becoming murderous during rainy season as recently happened in the length and breadth of Pakistan causing widespread devastation. TW


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