Baba Rehmta



March 31, 2018

Traditionally Baba Rehmta was known as a benevolent elder of rustic society whose prudence and fairness compelled everyone to listen to his advice and follow his decisions. Baba was usually one of the eldest living in a village with his partisans waxing eloquent about his piety and good conduct. He was financially well-off holding largest landholding in the area. His virility ensured a large progeny through multiple spouses whom he kept secluded and guarded. He had contacts with every segment of village life and was also well-connected in nieghbouring vicinities. Baba would sit on an exclusively designed seat surrounded by his cohorts. The secret of his sagacity and success was a horde of heavies he kept in his employ headed by his well-fed sons, nephews and other blood relations. They were well-armed and possessed expertise in quelling any dissension Baba’s decisions provoked. Baba was given to his unquestioned superiority and reacted violently against any opposition. He would also resort to financial means to keep loyalty of dissidents. Pakistan surely needs not only one but very large number of Baba Rehmtas. .


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