Rana Mubashir talks to Dr. Huma Baqai

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October 22, 2022

Awkward Manners Of US President Biden

Manaka Memon describes a lively discussion

Rana Mubashir showed concerns about the statement and Awkward Manners Of US President Biden about the safety of Pakistan’s nuclear assets and discussed this issue in his TV talk show Aaj Rana Mubashir Kay Saath. He was worried about the content of the comments ascribed to US President Biden and was apprehensive about its tone and considered it to create an untenable situation that required to be quickly addressed at the appropriate level. He asked Dr. Huma Baqai about the matter who responded that both Washington and Beijing were important capitals for Pakistan and a balance was required.

Elaborating on her point Dr. Baqai pointed out that the White House clearly shows a favorable tilt towards India in similar situations by ignoring its actions such as buying oil from Russia whereas it takes exception if Pakistan attempts to do the same. Rana Mubashir, however, interjected that India holds massive clout in terms of its economic superiority as it is the fifth largest global economy having recently superseded the UK and any country including the USA could not ignore this fact. Dr. Baqai said that Pakistan can utilize its diplomatic cards astutely and realizing that its foes are zeroing in on its nuclear assets can devise policies aimed at getting out of this vicious cycle.

Rana Mubashir asked what are such steps Pakistan can take to successfully tackle such a sharp antagonistic situation. Dr. Baqai responded that there is a large segment of America that believes in keeping Pakistan engaged in negotiations with a view to finding a negotiated solution to many problems to the issues confronting both countries and the region. She said that whether the issue is Pakistan’s geographical location, its role in Afghanistan, or its bridging role in China, America is willing to talk about all these issues.

Different Political Opinion

She pointed out the rising political polarisation and Awkward Manners Of US President Biden in the country and mentioned that America may be concerned about it as it could proliferate into something sinister as the omens are dangerous as the decisive authority is gradually diminishing. She also pointed out that though no one is talking about it in the media Americans are concerned about the deteriorating law and order situation in Swat as it may have a direct bearing on Afghanistan.

Rana Mubashir stated that the difference of political opinion between political parties is a legitimate issue and no one should have any objection to it particularly Joe Biden whose country is well known for entertaining and accepting opposing political views to which Dr. Baqai conceded that he is right.

She tried to qualify her assertion by stating that the political polarisation in the country has started to affect the diplomatic affairs of the country whereby the foreign affairs of the country are debated in political rallies and official secrets are unveiled in public, an unhealthy trend indeed. Rana Mubashir then asked whom she would advise to take notice of this state of affairs so that corrective action may be taken so that further damage is not done.

PTI Representatives

Rana Mubashir also brought into discussion PTI’s representative Muzammil Aslam who said that there appears to be a lack of coordinated action on part of the federal government to respond to the negative comments of Joe Biden and that is the cause of worry. Rana Mubashir emphasized that in wake of a weak economy how can Pakistan expect America to treat it on equal footing as the PTI consistently demands and that it would not only be futile but would be counterproductive to do.

Concluding the discussion Rana Mubashir said that economic performance is the base from where the strength of policies emerges and from economic weakness, no policy imperative could be asserted. He emphasized that Pakistan requires consummate diplomatists to lucidly present the country’s policies to the world particularly to America highlighting the difficulties experienced by Pakistan currently and explaining the rationale of the policies currently pursued. He said that it is also important that the policymakers convince the people of the country to live within their means and tighten their belts and be prepared to face the tough times ahead with fortitude. The Weekender


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