Ascendancy of Malik Riaz



June 28, 2022

Malik Riaz is an intriguingly curious phenomenon in the historical annals of Pakistan. He is a weather-cock successfully pushing his agenda by compromising the high and mighty in the land. His exploits are now legendary that he achieved by defying all established norms and regulations. He also succeeded in proving wrong the maxim that one cannot hoodwink all the people all the time and did precisely that. Now his magical world is unraveling as it was made public that he smoothly dodged UK court that had asked him to use the funds unfrozen by UK’s National Crime Agency to be adjusted against Malik Riaz’s civil liability in Pakistan. This liability was raised by Pakistani Supreme Court when it accepted Bahria Town’s offer of Rs.460 billion to settle the case pertaining to the firm’s illegal acquisition of land in Karachi. It has now come to fore that a parallel agreement also arrived at whereby Rs.5 billion and 458 kanals were paid to the former PM and his spouse to provide protection to Malik Riaz along with 240 kanals transferred to Farah Shehzadi. This is not the first deed of its kind but there are many such sordid deeds that must be investigated upon. TW


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