Answer-seeking movies



July 16, 2022

Answer-seeking movies

Nida Faraz talks about some films that make filmgoers to think

Making movies that raised more questions than answering many have become a fetish for film-makers. This genre of Answer-seeking movies has brought in its wake some brilliant films eliciting conflicting interpretations compelling audiences to reflect upon them and such movies have left enduring legacies. Such films with tremendous twists in their plots and unpredictable reactions have fascinated people who want to repeatedly watch them. It is often pointed out that this type of movie has long staying power in the memories of audiences who express the desire to watch more of them. One extraordinary feature of such films is that they are capable of generating great interest in their subject matter and are usually successful at the box office. There are of course certain films in this respect that are extremely complicated and are understood and followed by few but this is their main strength.

The Lobster (2015)
Yorgos Lanthimos’s absurdist black comedy is set in a dystopian society wherein single people must find a mate within 45 days or be transformed into an animal of their choice, and somehow it is even more mind-bending than that.

Fight Club (1999)
David Fincher’s cult classic is notorious for its twist, which changes how you view the entire plot and keeps the audiences on their toes.

Enter the Void (2009)
Gaspar Noé’s psychedelic tour of life after death is seen entirely from the point of view of a young drug dealer who dies but who remains the point of view as his spirit journeys from past to present to future.

Identity (2003)
A handful of strangers, a musty motel and a mysterious killer is only half the piece of James Mangold’s puzzle, based on an Agatha Christie tale—the key to which lies in the third act.

Enemy (2014)
Denis Villeneuve’s psychological thriller is a myriad of confusing plot and surreal twists as a professor discovers his doppelgänger who’s intent on taking over his life. It has a twist ending that will keep you busy for a long time.

The Matrix (1999)
As VR and AR (Virtual and Augmented Reality) become more prevalent, this film about a hacker learning about the true nature of his reality and its controllers becomes even more fascinating with time. TW

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