Alluring Flowers

ByDua Shah

Digital Media Consultant & Social Activist


October 2, 2022

Alluring Flowers

Dua Shah looks at brightening gardens with flowers

Alluring Flowers are food for the human soul and they enrich the perception of human beauty. They tremendously add to the beauty of the planet and make it a worthwhile place to live. Bright flowers blooming in the garden takes one’s heart away and attracts his soul. The beauty of any environment is enhanced when every change of season brings beautiful varieties of flowers enticing human hearts.

The new season is on and it would be the right time to plant these flowers and take care of them so that they blossom into a treat for eyes and serenity of minds. These outdoor plants can be easily planted in order and they give any garden a new look. These flowers will soon bloom and will become a pleasure to watch and bring about a serenity to the surroundings.

Best Alluring Flowers


Dianthus is a genus of flowering plants with over 300 species. Also called pinks, these plants are grown for their grass-like foliage and abundant blooms. Since these require full sun to grow, their bloom time is between spring and late summer to fall.

Black-eyed Susan

This flowering plant belongs to the sunflower family and grows all summer long with minimal care. It is named so because of the dark brown-purple center of its flowers. As with most wildflowers, black-eyed Susan is drought-tolerant and relatively disease resistant.


One of the best perennial vines for your garden, clematis climb any sort of structure. It is best grown in part sun and the flowers bloom during all seasons. These are flowering vines and include woody, deciduous, herbaceous and evergreen varieties.


Pick a corner in your home garden to plant this shrub and watch the space get uplifted as the plant begins to bloom. These can also work as informal hedges. Moreover, thanks to its vibrant foliage, they look attractive even when not in bloom. For this shrub, rely on well-drained soil and position the plants under the sun.


This annual plant is resistant to drought and heat, and can be grown in containers. Pelargonium bears flowers in hues of red and orange, making the garden look like a visual delight. There are as many as 300 species of pelargonium to choose from.


With over 500 species, this plant’s flowers are found blooming in a range of colours, such as lilac, orange, yellow, purple and white. They grow well in full sun and well-drained, moist soil. The Weekender


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