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March 2, 2022

raiders from the north by alex rutherford

The Moghul series of Alex Rutherford was wild fictional novel on Indian empire by he English writers. This book series was the most famous among their whole writing career. As it was also their first fictional novel .Before that they were into nonfictional genre of literature.

Who’s Alex Rutherford?

Alex Rutherford is a joint pen name of two writers :Diana Preston and her husband Michael Preston. They wrote their first ever fictional novel which later on become the cause of their popularity. This novel was firstly published in 2009. This series of book novel was lasts till 2015.

“Empire of the Moghuls ” by Alex Rutherford :

Empire of the Moghuls” is a historical genre of fictional writings. It was wild due to it’s originality. The whole series build on the facts and past incidents of Muslim history. This novel explains how Moghuls ruled over the Subcontinent of India for a very long time.

The book so emits light on the daring and bold wars and battles of all the times. The series explains the rise and fall of the Mughals. Also on the historical names of the kingdom. It also highlights the names of the legendary conquerors amid warriors.

This book series was consists of 6 volumes which completely describe the whole rise and fall of the Moghul kingdom. Also it as the first edition of Indian history in English literature. It’s genre was purely of historical fictional. The volumes were published in London by Headline Review (U K) . The series’ first volume was published in 2009 and the last edition was published in 2015. The mode of publication was print media.

Empire of the Moghul series detailed view:

The book series have 6 volumes that coverup the whole fictional history of the Mughal kingdom. Here’s a brief view of this series:

  • Raiders from North 2009
  • Brothers at War 2010
  • Ruler of the World 2011
  • The tainted Throne 2012
  • The Serpent’s Tooth 2013
  • Traitors in the Shadows 2015

The idea of this series writing was adopted when both of the writers visit Taj Mahal in India. As they both were travelers and loved to explore the hidden facts and stories. They got attracted towards the mysterious history of the Mughals. Thus they started their research and explore every detail of the history , facts and documents of this kingdom. They visited the Mughal assets and gain brief view by reading and exploring the Mughal dynasty.

Through their long research they came to know about the footsteps of the Mughals journey towards their dominance.

  • The book starts with the history of the Mughals from the Ferghana Valley , present Kargyzstan.
  • From where they started their journey to Iraq to the Blue Domes.
  • They also conquer Samarkand , present Uzbekistan.
  • From Samarkand they wanted to dominate the India. Then their next step was towards Red Dessert.
  • From there they also conquer Kabul.
  • Kabul was the second last destination of the Mughals before their dominance over India.
  • Afghanistan was the last destination and at last they dominate over India.
  • India was their Final destination from where the moghuls give rise up to the largest and longest kingsom of Muslim modern history.

Raiders from the North (2009):

This was the first book of the first genre of fictional series of writers. This book explains the plans of the Mughals towards Indian dominance.

They executed their plans in 16th century. The books starts with the era of 1494 from he birth of the Moghul empire founder, Babur. Ferghana Valley ruler died when his only son Babur hold the throne of Ferghana Valley.

He was also known as “the boy king” because of his early age. But due to the sudden death of his father he had to hold his throne. His father the late Tamburlaine, named as Timor, was the great conquest of all the times. Following his fathers footsteps his wanted to set an example but at some steps he failed due to the betrayal.

But the great king was able to do so due to his fierce force and wise advisers. He was determined to follow the dangerous dynasty to set an example.

Brothers at Wars (2010):

This was the 2nd volume of the Moghul series. This book starts in 1530 with the death of Babur , the first emperor and founder of Moghul kingdom.

Humayun was the successor of Babur’s throne. His half brother was his rebel. He tried many time to destroy the Humayun’s throne but Humayun was not willing to put a war against his brother. But due to lack of skill he lost his kingdom to Sher Shah. After several years he started back his journey to rule the empire with the help of Shah of the Persia.

Ruler of the World (2011):

This book was about the third and the great emperor of the Mughal kingdom. He was the descendant of the triumphant dynasty. Akbar was the ruthless king who is still known as the great Conqueror, the richest and wise king. He expands his empire wisely through the Asia. His commanding skills lead the large and fierce military. In battlefield and throne ship he was undefeatable but in his private life he was not as much successor. He married a Rajput girl whose kingdom he won.

The tainted Throne (2012):

4th volume of this book series was started in 1606 after the death of Akbar the great. His son Jahangir was his successor. But not after short time his son Khusrau started to get rebellious. Lots of challenges were faced to his empire. But the most of the dangerous threat was that his wife, Meheunnisa, wanted to reign the empire herself.

The Serpent’s Tooth (2013):

It was the 5th book of this series. This book started with he reign of Shah Jahan. Shah Jahan wanted to secure his empire and give it a high rise. During this , his beloved wife died . He was desired to build an historical monument for his love, known as Taj Mahal. This grief put him into such a condition that he was blind eyed to the rivals. When he fell ill civil war occurred . This results in he breakage of the foundation of empire.

Traitors in the Shadows (2015):

This book was the last edition narrating the story of the new emperor, Aurangzeb. His was ill , and he also killed his brothers brutally in the civil war. But still the dynasty was at war. Traitors were everywhere. He had no one to keep by his side . His father was ill, mother was died, sisters ,sons and daughters were in prison. He as grieved and fell ill in old age. After death of his sisters and two sons he decided to split his kingdom into them o avoid the rebellion activity.
This novel series beautifully emphasize on the Mughal kingdom. The fact of it’s popularity was the only thing which is the true incidents of mysterious history of Mughals.


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