5 Interesting Movies like Arrival



May 27, 2022

5 Interesting Movies like Arrival

The Concept of Sci-Fi

Science fiction book and movies is a genre of fantasy drama. In these fantasy novels, books, movies, and series, AI plot is used. AI plots are based on the use of artificial intelligence. An explanation is given of the interaction between humans and machines. The main purpose of the sci-fi genre is to explain the pros and cons of the use of Artificial intelligence in the future. Artificial intelligence is becoming the most important part of human life on Earth. Humans need to be aware of all the successful and also tragic results of these uses. Writers and producers use this theory in the science fiction genre of books and movies.

Indeed, Humans and machines belong to different worlds. Their connection is vast, thin, and tragic as well. Humans believe to create a friendly environment between themselves and machines. All this is to work together for growth and development. But sometimes these friendly interactions can drastically change the existence of anything on the planet.

Undoubtedly, Artificial intelligence movies have always been popular among humans. Different storylines, plots, themes, and many things are used in AI movies. Many movies such s movies like Ex Machina, movies like Arrival, and movies like interstellar had a great impact on the public. Here’s a list of some of these blockbuster AI series of all the times:

List of Movies

  1. Ex Machina: a Netflix series of science fiction genre, a modern horror production. Alex Garland produced the movie. The storyline leans on the fantasy drama. The storyline depicts the method of inquiry in artificial intelligence. Also, the reason behind this is to know that a machine is capable of thinking like humans.
  2. I Robot: the storyline is based on the book “I Robot by Isaac Asimov“. Alex Proyas produced this movie which gives the greatest intelligence of the machines
  3. This movie released in 2009 and made a blockbuster record.
  4. Arrival: a fantasy drama movie moments the future and contacting aliens. Humanity is the main focus of the storyline. Its story also rotates around the idea of how humans process different processes of existence. These processes include how to examine the time, the memory, the existence of life in the universe, and also the future. This movie was directed by Denis Villeneuve & Eric Heisserer. The movie released in 2016.
  5. AI: Artificial intelligence: this sci-fi series was directed by Kathleen Kennedy. This movie released in 2001. The storyline focus on a robotic boy who aimed to discover the world from where he belongs. He also discovers the vast but very thin line between the human and machine world.
  6. E.R, Splice, Blade Runner 2049, The Terminator, Under the skin, Tideland, Interstellar, Dredd, and many more. All these science fiction series were bold enough to emphasize the imagination and idea of the future. Also on the fantasy, such as the connection between humans and aliens, the partnership between humans and machines, etc.

Different stars of Hollywood worked jointly to make all these masterpieces. White and Black, every star rather male or female has worked hard also all of the sponsorships, all of the teams as well. However, in the production of the science fiction genre or action genre, there have been many names that reflect the outstanding abilities of stars most of the black race.

Black science fiction movies:

Black male and female stars have been working very hard to improve their skills. They work in all genres of movies and series. However, this results in some of the masterpieces of their work. Some of them got such a strong storyline that those works became their identity.

Some of the black sci-fi series are :

  • Men in black
  • Black Panther
  • Pitch black
  • Hancock
  • Son of Ingagi
  • The brother from another planet
  • Spiderman: Into the spider-verse

All of these black sci-fi movies have been remarkable all these times. There are not just these masterpieces, which are countless. In all of the previous times as well as in future times, the Sci-fi genre has been and will always be remarkable and unforgettable. Leadings all of the imaginations of the humans and also their thrust to discover the near future and all of the Universe.


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